Collaborating with Plants: Amazonian Plant Diets and Interspecies Research – A Conversation with Laura Dev

A clip from the interview

The Psychedelic Moment, Pt 6: Laura Dev on the Ayahuasca Economy and Spiritual Tourism
I was recently interviewed by Sam Stern with Voices of Esalen for his podcast The Psychedelic Moment. We chatted about the global ayahuasca, the ayahuasca economy, and spiritual tourism (among other things).

Research Talks

“Plant Knowledges: Indigenous Approaches and Multispecies Listening Toward Decolonizing Ayahuasca Research.” Cultural and Political Perspectives on Psychedelic Science Symposium, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA, United States, August 2018
A talk I gave in 2017 at the MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference
An invited talk I gave in 2016 at the Religion and Ecology Summit at CIIS.

Project Videos