Piri Piri Threadworks and Shipibo Meken Collective

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Piri Piri Threadworks

Piri Piri Threadworks is a partnership between myself and my longtime friend Rae River. In collaboration with the Shipibo Meken Collective, a group of Shipibo women artisans from the Peruvian Amazon, Piri Piri facilitates the sharing of embroidered textiles worldwide through our Etsy shop. By marketing to an international audience, Piri Piri Threadworks helps ensure a more steady income and fair prices for these artisans and their families.

Shipibo Meken Collective

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Shipibo Meken Collective: Virginia Bardales (left), Nilda Maynas Bardales, Jovita Maynas Bardales, and Edith Maynas Bardales (right)

The Shipibo Meken Collective was founded by three sisters and their mother–my godmother–who wanted to form a collective to sell their artesanía worldwide and help their communities through humanitarian work, skill-sharing, and capacity-building for other women artisans in their communities.

Capacity-building Workshops

A portion of the funds earned from the sale of textiles goes toward hosting capacity building workshops in rural communities. The video below is from a two-day workshop held in Paoyhan, which focused on clothes-making skills, which the artisans there had requested in order to increase the marketability of their goods. Jovita and Edith, from Shipibo Meken Collective, taught the workshop.

COVID-Relief Fundraising for Shipibo Meken Collective

The Shipibo Meken Collective Needs Help

This collective of artisan women has been providing aid to single mothers, families who have suffered deaths during the pandemic, and communities without outside support. They themselves have lost several close family members to COVID-19.

A few of us have organized this fundraiser to try to get basic essentials and medical supplies to a group of artisan women that I have been working with for several years, and who have adopted me into their family. My madrina (godmother) just passed away in April, and now several other family members have died or become ill. These women are caring for many sick people in their community as the hospitals are closed and turning people away. I know this time is difficult for many of us, but if you have any extra to give, please consider donating.

A message of thanks from the Shipibo Meken Collective:

Ichabires irake (thank you very much)!

COVID-Relief Fundraising

I’m feeling deeply saddened about the devastating effects of the pandemic on the Shipibo communities I work with in Peru. I am currently fundraising for two Shipibo community groups for COVID-relief on GoFundMe.

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