The Psychedelic Moment Interview

I was recently interviewed by Sam Stern with Voices of Esalen for his podcast The Psychedelic Moment. We chatted about the global ayahuasca, the ayahuasca economy, and spiritual tourism (among other things).

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Emergency Disaster Relief for Flooding in Paoyhan

The Shipibo-Konibo Native Community of Paoyhan in Ucayali, Peru has flooded severely over the last couple weeks. Combined with the second wave of COVID-19 in the region, the community is now in a state of emergency.

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Reflections on Home

In Greek, the word for home is oikos, which is where we derive modern words like ecology, the study of home. Place-based spirituality considers the importance of home on identity formation and the notion of the sacred. In contrast, it is a decidedly paternalistic tendency in modern western societies to try to abstract ourselves, our ideas, and our end goals from their situated context, or home – in favor of ascendance, objectivity, and separation from the material plane.

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