2018 Annual Mixtape

Like a Root to the Ground

As usual, it is an eclectic mix of styles, but reliably smooth, trippy, and soulful. At times it gets pretty jazzy, features many beautiful female vocalists, a cameo from Otis Redding (50 years since Dock of the Bay came out), and it also features some nice “Andean step” (a fresh sound out of Latin America), and of course some mind-bending electronic production.

This one is appropriately quite a journey. It is a journey of the heart, back to the center of oneself – like a root the ground. For me, it reflects that healing process of continual contraction and opening, letting go layer by layer, surrendering deeper and deeper layers of resistance, opening a little more to love, courageously facing the shadow that each opening reveals, and each time coming out a little lighter on the other side, a little wiser, but also softer, more vulnerable, and with a deep appreciation for all the fellow beings who have been there through this process.