And yet, I somehow suddenly feel
clear and firm. I do not know
what to do, but I know
how I need to be standing
how I need to be walking and speaking
in this time with great care
with wonder and reverence
for our mother, and I have no doubt earth is
the most beautiful planet in the universe - home
to me and all my greatest loves and joys:
A song that sings me here
sweet air, strong roots
even the steadfast light of the sun
which brought us all forth from the soils
the soft sparks of the stars
guiding me in dark times, and moon's gaze -
cold siren ancestor, we call to each other across ages.

I will be come
in fellowship with all beings, attending
to all my relations. That is to heal:
righting how I relate with
each in each moment -
never complete, yet all ways whole.
Watching ever
closely my steppings, noticing
when they become troddings upon and truly
caring to right the missteps and feel -
this pain I caused be-
longs to me.
These tears are the waters, and I
come prayerfully now
to the rivers,
carrying life to the brothers and sisters
and the others.
I listen.
Gently now,
I speak an offering:
What am I for but
this giveness?