A Sending

again the womb
yawns like a black hole, a longing
ancient & arcane as gravity
for ever holding these pieces together
a spiral dance around This:
eternal emptiness
This: long inhalation
that draws all things
into it, toward now
the dissolution of time
yes, I would take you in
deep & quiet & still
the inmost axis
i could never reach with out
your everness with in
the pool of a fathomless well
you, some how
enter & contain me
close enough to infinity: full
in this place where I meets You
we rest on the tenuous edge between
every thing & no thing

in the truest sense of here
is from where I call to you
a primal and sudden sound
at once prayer and karmic exhale
the winds of creation
every star
past & future
come you
arcing outwards all ways
like a flock of birds
sent forth in the dawning
birthed, released & summoned home
with that single breath of song.