Of Duality/To The Other

at times i forget the steps
of the dance we began at the beginning. please
forgive me for all ways of not being
as you will
for being
slippery beyond restraint.

for give your self creation
for ever give your self up

we have all sprung from this perfect garden
grown ripe and bursting
some to consume and some to return.
tame your judgment and feast of it
release the beast of your heart
to devour what it may

for it is so
and we are just so:
utterly full
we look upon each other.

i see you
sometimes seeing me
wishing i was otherwise.
i am often wise
but it has taken all my years
and still each exhale
to wear this face so boldly.
i have stopped trying
to be other than what arises
bubbles unbidden from the deep.
watch the storm of my eyes,
brace your doubt
against this grace.
hold all of me.
be whole.

may we honor each other as gods.

you are all ways
already forgiven
for never
are you not me,
this living and breathing.
we share air and ages and a wild, unruly love
that nips into our skin
where we pull apart
the great pain of the world
only denial that we are all—
cares and cages, seeds and wombs,
stricken giants and tiny buds
blooming at the kiss of sun.
please forgive me for not
knowing all this as myself
even my cloak of fear
and stubborn insistence
that i am not you:
constant, strong, here.

can you spare a blessing to accept me
and all this madness,
crawl inside me and look out these eyes?
i take you in and know myself.

seize my soft body and run
fly me to every edge of existence
the tip of the tip
to reach the center of it all.
feel me sink my flesh into the teeth
of earthly pleasure, its grime and lushness
grip me completely
not to keep me, but for joy
of shredding me across time
i, soul of all forms, joining rain to become river,
dirt to become fruit to become
formless, still, weightless,
never not here inside
me: shelter
as you dissolve all things
rebuild the world
remind me who i am.